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In the International Talent Academy, the language assessment test and the special technical preparation for the knowledge test in Germany take place. The 340 teaching units include, among other things, the consolidation of the B2 language level and the direct handling of nursing-specific terminology.

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The lessons are combined with practical everyday nursing situations, which we accompany and examine professionally in our realistic seminar rooms. The lessons are designed based on the needs of employers in Germany and the requirements of the knowledge examination.

Why International Talent Academy?


Our analysis of the knowledge and skills of our nursing staff serves as a basis for individual management and improvement of professional competencies.


The standardized quality requirements determine our monitoring process, which reviews, documents and individually promotes the development status of each nursing professional.


During the monitoring process, additional criticism and motivation meetings are held on a regular basis.


Our nurse practitioners receive Allowances and Complementary Benefits so they can fully focus on the professional preparation of the knowledge exam.


The training courses are aligned with the technical requirements of the knowledge examination of the respective federal state.

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