The relevance of professional and social integration.

Contrary to the usual „personnel service providers“ for us, mediation means not only integration into the professional world or Integration into the labor market, but we consider professional and social integration to be equivalent.

Only through social participation, the associated optimal social status and the long-term autonomous way of life in Germany, does this increase work performance and expand the competencies or provide the specialist with career visions. In this context, we convey a culture of welcome and recognition to the specialists, which also conveys „social security“.


At a professional/development-specific level, our needs-based recruitment promotes sustainable integration and ensures work motivation through various learning units/examination boards.

Fachpersonal aus dem Ausland

Professional integration

In the Philippines, there is very theory-related training content. Although a 4-year bachelor’s degree (B.A. of Sciences in Nursing) is required, the main topics are based on indifferent care areas, which do not have a stringent basis.

In this context, it could be explored that the classic nursing activities rather take on a secondary, even tertiary character in the training system.

In order for the Philippine nursing staff to act at a European level of care, the professional preparation for practical use is already taking place in the Philippines in the course of a recruitment.

Thus, among other things, practice-oriented care techniques and technical language care elements are taught interactively. The respective preparation courses serve on the one hand to prepare for the recognition examination in Germany, as well as for optimized or accelerated professional integration.

Social Integration

Meet and Greet Assist-Programm

In addition to professional integration, we consider „social integration“ as an important component of our project. Since our aim will be a long-term autonomy of the nursing staff, the use of the offers must initially be considered „voluntary“.

The goal is the introduction to „life in Germany“ and an expansion of awareness for the customs and customs in the new country. In this respect, the communication of cultural background information takes place, but also the accompaniment of administrative activities, such as B. the „safe movement in the cities“ (purchase of travel tickets, reading a timetable, etc.) by specially trained personnel. A corresponding „starter kit“ is provided by our cooperation partners and explained together. Through our network in the „German-Philippine Community“ we provide access to the following points:

  • Cultural events
  • Educational events and seminars
  • Implementation of intercultural projects and encounters that promote participation and integration
  • Conception and realization for the learning of languages and intercultural competence through international exchange.

Through the activities that promote and simplify „joint cooperation“, it enables the Philippine nurses to integrate socially in the German (in one) society.

Our concept is aimed at securing a sustainable and long-term securing of skilled workers. Through the special professional-socio-cultural preparation in the home country, the length of stay of the specialists is increased and the intrinsic motivation factors are controlled (e.g. B. Career opportunities). We strengthen the self-confidence of nurses and contribute to social security.

We also offer the institutions special training courses (workshops) to facilitate the „on-boarding process“ for both sides. This provides the institutions with sufficient information about which infrastructural measures are included to improve social integration. For example: How do I conduct critical discussions with the new nurses? What emotional peculiarities in the interaction do I have to expect? Which welcome rituals and eating habits are particularly relevant?

Pflegepersonal aus dem Ausland
Fachpersonal aus den Philippinen

Intercultural diversity

We can provide excellent linguistic and professional preparations, as well as provide nurses with social security. We can also help to recruit the best nursing staff to Germany.

However, we have little influence on the feel-good factor for nurses in the companies as well as on atmospheric disturbance factors, which can often lead to an imbalance in satisfaction in everyday clinical life.

However, we have a great influence on the corresponding preparations of the superiors and their teams, as well as on the preparations of the social environment and on networking in the German-Philippine community.

In addition to the associated manifestation of the concept of culture, our task is to analyze the causal spectrum of action in the entire reference framework on site and to compensate together. If only stereotypical attributes are attributed to the „new culture“ and thus personal constructs are created, these can u. U. represent suboptimal constructs in dealing with the new colleagues. Our concept was additionally developed by Dipl. Sociologists, Dipl. Philosophers and social workers support and implement approaches to diversity management and the enlightenment of cultural diversity.

We deal with the places of residence of the candidates and network with the local cultural associations in advance in order to create a platform for the candidates that promotes social integration.

In addition, we invite the candidates to the Philippine Galen, which are very often organized, especially in Germany.

In order to continue to convey the feeling of closeness to home, we at TRUECARE have Filipino employees and also maintain this approach with other interfaces such as B. with insurance companies.

Thus, insurance contracts are made (e.g. B. Health insurance) with Filipino employees, who themselves translate the insurance tariffs into the national language. We continue to provide companies with a subject-specific employee base (e.g. B. Civil service care, kinesthetics, etc.), which can train the candidates again professionally if necessary.


Specialist qualification „Intercultural encounter and communication“


Understand, lead and integrate foreign nurses

Target group: managing directors, nursing directorates, integration managers

Period: One month before entry


  • Opportunities and sources of conflict of diversity
  • Leading culturally diverse teams
  • Typical ideas of leadership and cooperation in the Philippines, e.g. work instructions, feedback, role expectations
  • Prevention and defusing of conflicts
  • Conscious and unconscious discrimination mechanisms
  • Strategies for a culturally sensitive organizational or Team development
  • Coaching Simultaneous


Working in a team, understanding intercultural resistance

Target group: station managers, mentors, practical instructions, multicultural teams

Period: Freely selectable as required


  • Culture and cultural differences
  • Break points and opportunities of culturally mixed teams
  • Conscious and unconscious exclusion mechanisms
  • Avoiding and defusing conflicts
  • Possibilities for the further development of a productive cooperation
  • Cultural workshops (The participants formulate topics and tasks for themselves, for employers, for TrueCare, for upcoming events)

Other main topics: Intercultural conflict management, recognizing and understanding emotions, etc.

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