We are the Team that changes lives!

Our team has acquired a broad range of experience from different fields. We actively apply these competences to all processes within our company.

We have many years of experience in consulting international companies as well as many years of foreign experience in managerial positions, including successful company start-ups at home and abroad.

In addition, we have an extensive track record in advising and supporting foreign skilled workers as well as excellent expert knowledge about integration processes and the role of language, education and perspectives in the integration of foreign skilled workers into the German labor market.

Together we try to do justice to this socio-politically important field and guarantee highest quality in our service offers.

Our Claim

Dealing with all involved parties on the basis of trust and fairness

Our aim is to cover the long-term demand for skilled nursing staff in Germany. In the process, nursing staff and employers, but also those in need of care, shall be provided with optimal service.

The Filipino skilled workers are prepared in the best possible way for reaching the B2 level via German language lessons and receive maximum support. They get insights on the German labor market and are accompanied with every step.

Employers get the opportunity to cover their needs for skilled workers with nursing staff from abroad. The quality of the nursing staff is very high and we already decide during the recruitment process which skilled workers are suitable for the German labor market.

In our matching process, we bring together suitable employers and nurses so that there will be a high degree of alignment both in terms of professionalism and on a personal level. All the aforementioned efforts are appropriate and necessary so that those in need of care can receive a high level of quality in every aspect of the field.

Using the services of TRUECARE GmbH, all parties involved benefit from a high-quality acquisition process, a custom-fit matching process and excellent support.


The procedure is concisely presented to the nursing staff right from the start, so that the duration and content of the placement process will be clear at any time and the participants will be able to personally prepare for it.

The procedure is presented in a just as transparent manner for employers. In order to enable the best possible planning on the part of the employers, the course of the nursing staff’s qualification process in the home country as well as in Germany is being disclosed completely.

Following individual schedules, appointments for getting to know each other via video calls and for possible admission into the company are proposed. Right from the start, a clear picture of all efforts is presented.


Whether German courses, recruiting, preparation for the stay in Germany, recognition of certificates, preparation for the knowledge test, visa granting, entry into Germany or house hunting – we take care of it all.

For you as an employer, this means that we inform you about the individual steps and the application process itself. You will be regularly informed by us about dates as well as the current status and learning progress of your future employee. We provide all documents and accompany you through all processes. You will be accompanied and advised all around until the nurse is recognized and actively employed in your company. For you, all remains totally unbureaucratic – you simply conclude a contract with us, we take care of the rest.

For you as a nurse, this means that we support you with just the same commitment in all steps of the placement and recognition process and are at all times available to answer all your questions.


We are extremely aware of our responsibility towards all parties involved. Nurses who are looking for a professional and private change and want to come to Germany usually do not know what to expect.

Therefore, we try to prepare and inform them during the entire process for their stay in Germany to dampen the so-called „culture shock“ as much as possible. The employers with whom we cooperate are aware of their responsibility and are being prepared accordingly.

Employers can rely on us to provide reliable and committed nursing staff with a high level of specialist knowledge, who have the ability and willingness to apply their knowledge empathetically in Germany. We are aware of this responsibility and strive for a reliable and transparent interaction of all parties in our consulting and placement process.


With our concept, we ensure a high-quality, end-to-end qualification process with the best possible result.

We aim to always realize the best possible quality throughout the entire placement process. In order for the employer to receive a well-trained nurse at the end of the placement process, all processes must be well-coordinated in advance. During the recruitment process, the most suitable participants would already be preselected, so that only well-trained and motivated nursing staff is recruited.

We attach great importance to quality instead of quantity. Language training is an essential factor here. In our high-quality courses, we ensure that every participant receives the best possible support. In the A1 and A2 courses the participants learn basic knowledge of the German language. For the B1 and B2 level, participants move to a conference venue where they live during the time of completing the B1 and B2 course and learn the German language together. This environment offers the participants an optimal framework to concentrate on acquiring the German language and to continuously improve their knowledge together. In addition to the B2 level, the participants are also trained in the technical language and prepared for the knowledge test for healthcare and nursing professionals.

Experiences from language schools and participants show that for many participants it is not sufficient to take part in a German course without additional support in order to retain the acquired knowledge in the long term. We provide this additional support through training in our training center.

It may happen that not every B2 level graduate travels to Germany immediately after successful completion of the language examination. This may be, among other things, due to the recognition process and the issuing of visas. Our processes are coordinated in the best possible way so that waiting times would be as short as possible. We make sure that all participants get in touch with the German language from the beginning of the A1 level until their arrival in Germany and that they can apply their acquired skills on a practical basis. Even if they do not immediately enter Germany after completing the B2 level, the graduates will continue to be trained and professionally prepared by the language school. This preparation takes place continuously in our training center until they enter Germany, so that a loss of learned knowledge would be prevented.

In order to successfully pass the knowledge test in Germany and to be able to successfully work in the daily routine of a German employment, it is necessary to maintain the acquired skills and to further improve the use of the German language.

With our concept, we ensure a high-quality, continuous qualification process with the best possible result.


Benjamin Nabert

Chief Executive Officer

Jens Diehlmann

Chief Operating Officer

Bernadette Berger

Lecturer / Business Development
Master of Health Administration

Michel Schlüter

Head of Key Account Management

Barbara Berg

Executive Assistant / HR Administration

Rocelle Esguerra

Documentation and Integration Officer

Cristy Trentzsch

Project Officer / Deployment

Dr. iur. Aguinaldo

Legal Counsel

Marivelle Lumayag

Recruitment and Deployment Assistant

Katherine Rosete

Integration Assistant

Iñigo Arteta

Team Assistant Matching / Integration

Agatha Lena Rivaldi

Team Assistant Recruitment and Deployment

Jana Pradler

Documentation Assistant

Ashley Glickman

Financial Accountant

Carlito Espedion

Deployment Assistant

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Häcker

Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Häcker is Chairman of the Advisory Board of TRUECARE and supports the owners and management with regard to the strategic and financial orientation of the company. Mr. Häcker is considered an expert in the intersection of economics/finance and health economics. For example, his book „Telemedicine“ was published by De Gruyter publisher. Mr. Häcker combines the latest information technology know-how with the German health sector. He accompanied the company SHL Telemedicine for several years during its entry into the German market.

Mr. Häcker holds a doctorate in law and economics from the University of Tübingen. He was also Vice President of Rothschild in Frankfurt and London. As an investment banker, Mr. Häcker has executed numerous mergers and acquisitions transactions in the technology sector and supported companies in their IPOs.

Currently, Mr. Häcker is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville (USA) and a lecturer at universities in Switzerland and France. Since 2005, Mr. Häcker has been the founder and director of the European Institute of Quantitative Finance (EIQF) and, in this context, conducts corporate finance transactions and trains „quants“. In addition, Mr. Häcker has been Chairman of the Advisory Board of the litigation and arbitration law firm „Pfitzner Legal“ since 2015.

Rudolf Scharping

Rudolf Scharping builds bridges between Germany, Europe and China. As an experienced mediator in the international environment of business, science and politics, the former Federal Minister, former Prime Minister and founder of RSBK AG uses his networks to provide targeted information, advice and planning. Rudolf Scharping is also the initiator of the German-Chinese Business Conference, which has been bringing together German and Chinese experts and decision-makers for a regular exchange since 2014.

Thomas Röhrßen

Thomas Röhrßen is a psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and management consultant. For more than 30 years, he has assisted hospital groups, hospitals and care facilities in the areas of strategy and structural development, medical center formation, personnel development and clinical process management. As a leadership expert, he has developed and published a psychologically based leadership concept. On this basis, he conducts qualification programs, training and coaching for medical, nursing and commercial managers.

We need you in Germany!

Let TRUECARE help you realize your dream!

Let TRUECARE help you realize your dream!


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