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Due to the high demand for suitable nursing staff in Germany, well-trained foreign nursing professionals have good chances of finding a job on the German labor market. However, this process often turns out to be difficult, requiring appropriate support for foreign nurses.

As TRUECARE GmbH, we organize this process so that the foreign nurse would be entitled to support and be accompanied at all times. We advise, qualify and place foreign nursing staff comprehensively.

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Your advantages when working with TRUECARE


Fachpersonal aus dem Ausland
Fachkräfte in Deutschland

No cost

No placement fee, no payroll deduction, and no show money for the professional!

All program services are paid for or sponsored by TRUECARE.


Pflegepersonal aus dem Ausland
Fachkräfte in Deutschland

Best care

TRUECARE will provide you with the best possible support throughout the entire process. You will receive linguistic and professional preparation that will prepare you optimally for Germany and your job.

You will receive reliable and comprehensive support at all times and have a competent contact person for all questions.


Fachpersonalvermittlung im Gesundheitsbereich
Fachkräfte in Deutschland

Guaranteed income

Since there is a fixed employment relationship, the nurse receives a secure income. It also benefits from the German welfare and health system.


Pflegekräfte aus Mexiko, Indien, Kolumbien und Philippinen
Fachkräfte in Deutschland

Perfect matching

Through a specially developed matching process, we will look for an employer for you that matches your expectations in order to achieve the best possible result for all parties involved.

We need you in Germany!

Let TRUECARE help you realize your dream!

To that end, a special process has been developed to meet the interests and needs of both parties and help employers find a new professional as quickly as possible.

Steps of the recruitment process

Beratung für Arbeitgeber

1. Consultation and search for employers

We advise interested nursing staff in a personal information meeting and check whether the necessary requirements are met and whether the necessary training and qualifications are available …

… enabling them to work as healthcare and nursing professionals in Germany. In this interview, the nurse is informed about the entire process that is necessary in order to be able to exercise her profession in Germany. At this stage, the individual needs of the skilled worker are taken into account and the matching process for finding a suitable employer in Germany is initiated.

Sprachkurse für Fachkräfte

2. Assessment test and language courses

For the selection of our candidates, interviews are conducted in which the professional and personal suitability is clarified. In addition, we conduct an assessment test to determine motivation and suitability.

To promote transparency and avoid dropouts, we also hold an extensive information event.

After the recruitment process, the language courses begin. The Filipino nurses take part in language courses with the aim of successfully passing the B2 examination according to ÖSD and at the same time learn the technical language required to perform the job.

Matching der Pflegekräfte für Ihre Einrichtung

3. Getting to know the employer via video call

The employer and the foreign specialist get to know each other in a conversation via video telephony and can discuss open questions together. Further video calls can take place throughout the process.

Visum für die Einreise der Fachkräfte

4. Entry & visa

All measures necessary to enable the Filipino professional to enter and access the German labor market are undertaken. After successful completion of all necessary measures, …

… the planning for the entry of the Filipino professional, such as the application for the visa, can begin. All preparations at home and abroad, such as the coordination of flights, are accompanied by TRUECARE GmbH, so that a timely entry into Germany can take place. In addition, the Filipino caregiver is culturally prepared, receives support for integration in Germany as well as help with individual questions.
Berufsanerkennung der Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland

5. Recognition

The preparation for the knowledge test already begins in the Philippines and the nurses are prepared for their work in Germany in our training center.

Fachkräfte in Deutschland

6. Start of activity

The start of the activity can take place upon consultation directly after the entry or after conclusion of the knowledge examination. The modalities for this will be discussed individually with the respective …

… employer, so that the needs and requirements of employers and nurses can be met. The procedure ends here with the successful placement and integration of the nurse.

Timeline of the process for the recruit

Inhouse language course


Online language course

Vermittlungsprozess Pflegekräfte

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With TRUECARE, you will not only achieve your dream job in Germany but will also find a True Family that will care for you because TRUECARE truly cares!

Interview with a TRUECARE nurse

Watch the full interview of Ms. Ayla Polison, TRUECARE’s newly deployed Nurse in Germany, and learn about her experience with TRUECARE, from application up to her deployment.

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“TRUECARE helped me to be ready not only with learning the German Language but also helped me to find an employer here in Germany. They also helped me to process my papers and they gave me an allowance.”

– Ayla Polison | newly deployed Truecare nurse

Other Testimonials

TrueCare does not just help one find a nursing job in Germany, they also make sure it will be the perfect one for you since they are partners with many institutions in different regions. Applicants are continuously updated and guided of the process, may it be for Visa application or Recognition, and they establish constant communication, which I believe is very important in building Agency-Applicant relationship.

I would definitely recommend TrueCare to my colleagues who would want to venture nursing abroad, particularly in Germany, because as the name itself says, this is not just an agency, it’s an agency that truly cares.

Ray Vincent Velasco, registered nurse

Thank you Truecare because you truly care! Highly recommended agency dedicated to be A1. Thank you to our Quality Manager and staffs for the efforts and all. 🙏 Godspeed!

Kirk Kelly Jajalla, registered nurse

I highly recommend TrueCare. The Name speaks for itself. 😘. I can’t Thank You Enough for all the efforts and Time. May God Bless the People behind TrueCare and TrueCare. Despite of this Pandemic you never left us nor ignore us. You helped and still helping us to reach our dreams. Thank you once again. 😍 Who truly cares? TrueCare.

Sarah Abigail Quijada, registered nurse

We need you in Germany!

Let TRUECARE help you realize your dream!


Integration Management

The relevance of professional and social integration.

TRUECARE places special emphasis on not only integrating professionals into the labor market, but also promoting social integration. We believe that social participation and optimal social status increase work performance and broaden skills.


The quality mark – fair and transparent

Here you will find information for international nurses on the labour migration to care in Germany.

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