Declaration of principles of Truecare GmbH

Mission statement

The foundation of our recruitment concept is based on our ethical and moral understanding of values. Against the background that TRUECARE is a specialist in the international recruitment of nursing staff, the unconditional attention to people through individual support and personal assistance in the recruitment process places people at the center of our actions.

We consider the interpersonal relationship, in customer contact as well as in contact with our nursing staff, to be the most important criterion for successful cooperation. The humanitarian approach demands and promotes personal commitment, mindful teamwork and an open communication culture.

Together with our employees, we strive to develop a humane understanding in the field of recruitment competition, in which ethical and moral values are of particular importance. Accordingly, every employee of the company contributes to upholding the institutional philosophy to the best of their ability.

Compliance with laws

We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business. Our company regards this as a matter of course, irrespective of any monetary disadvantages that TRUECARE might associate with it. In this respect, compliance with laws and regulations is a fundamental part of our institutional philosophy and forms the basis of our business activities. We expect the same from our business and cooperation partners.

If in doubt, we will forego an opportunity or collaboration rather than violate the law. If national laws contain more restrictive regulations than those applicable at TRUECARE, national law applies.

Business ethics

We are committed to fair competition as a prerequisite and comply with the laws protecting competition. All employees are obliged to comply with the rules of fair competition. TRUECARE will not tolerate any unacceptable behavior, so we define unlawful exchange of information, espionage, theft, poaching of nursing staff / employees, among other things, as unacceptable behavior. The high standards of fair conduct towards our business partners and nursing staff are expressed in the principles.

TRUECARE stands for a fair partnership, transparency, quality and professionalism. Our aim is to offer our business partners the best price-performance ratio in this competitive market at all times. To this end, our quality management is an integral part of all our operational processes.

We are committed to fair working conditions and see it as a matter of course to protect the rights of employees. Our aim is to strengthen cooperation within the company by managing and promoting our employees. Every employee contributes significantly to the reputation of TRUECARE with his or her appearance, professional conduct and behavior.

Specific principles for the placement of nursing staff from abroad

The following corporate principles represent our voluntary commitment to the fair and ethical recruitment, qualification and integration of medical professionals from third countries and thus compliance with international laws and standards in the field of human rights and occupational health and safety.

These principles also apply explicitly to our cooperation partners in third countries. We encourage all our partners to implement the following principles and regularly monitor their compliance. This is accompanied by the following guiding principles, which TRUECARE is committed to upholding:

  1. Written form for verifiability
  2. The placement process is free of charge for care professionals
  3. Limitation of the economic risk for care professionals
  4. Transparency of structures, services and costs
  5. Sustainability and participation
  6. Overall responsibility

In addition, TRUECARE undertakes to comply with the following standards upon conclusion of the contract:

  1. Compliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) Code of Conduct for the International Recruitment of Health Professionals and the prohibition of recruitment from countries that, according to the WHO, have a shortage of health professionals.
  2. Compliance with international human rights conventions of the UN and the EU
  3. Compliance with the General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs as well as the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO)
  4. Compliance with the Employer Pays Principle: This means that the recruitment and immigration of international nursing staff is financed exclusively by the employer in Germany. They bear all the costs of the recruitment process so that the nursing staff do not take on any economic risk. The placement and service are free of charge for the nurses. Any direct or indirect fees or costs directly related to the placement (including for business partners) are financed exclusively by the employer in Germany. Payments such as deposits, security deposits or contractual penalties are excluded.

Employer pays principle

The employer pays principle applies. The nurse does not incur any costs for services directly related to the placement. In accordance with the employer-pays principle, the employer is responsible for the costs incurred during the recruitment process.

TRUECARE undertakes not to charge the nurse either directly or indirectly for placement costs or costs for services directly related to the placement (“employer pays principle”). This obligation applies to the entire service chain.

All commitment and repayment obligations contained in TRUECARE’s placement contracts are fully compliant with the Quality and Inspection Regulations for the Fair Recruitment and Placement of Nursing Professionals from Abroad.

When working with our clients, we undertake not to place them in employment contracts that contain commitment and repayment obligations relating to the costs of the placement.

TRUECARE undertakes to review these corporate principles at least once a year, in particular with regard to the current status of the facts and legal situation. This voluntary commitment is regularly evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

Inspection reservation

The content of the recruitment terms and conditions is a general and event-driven reservation of review with regard to compliance with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Declaration of Principles

Detachment rights

The parties have a right of termination in the event of repeated non-compliance with the GTC and the declaration of principles.

The parties also have the right to terminate and withdraw from the contract in accordance with Section 314 BGB and Sections 346 et seq. BGB if one of the parties breaches the provisions of the Employer Pays Principle. While a termination means that the contract ends at the earliest possible date, a withdrawal is to be understood as a revocation. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is therefore declared void from the outset with retroactive effect.

Measures for familiarization

Employers are called upon to provide measures and instruments for workplace and social integration, language support and support during induction. Particular attention is drawn to the special importance of a company integration management concept for the successful recruitment of foreign nursing staff.

Note on the recognition procedure

With regard to the legal regulations on the recognition procedure in Germany, reference is made to the compensation measures generally available in Germany in accordance with the Nursing Professions Act and at the same time to the applicant’s fundamental freedom of choice between the compensation measures. The applicant has the right to choose between the knowledge test and the adaptation period (§ 40 PflBG).

Complaints procedure

It should be noted that care professionals are given the opportunity to complain about shortcomings in the placement process as part of the complaints procedure.

Additional services

The care professional is free to refuse additional services if they are not directly part of the placement process.