About us

Our team has acquired a broad range of experience from different fields. We actively apply these competences to all processes within our company.

We have many years of experience in consulting international companies as well as many years of foreign experience in managerial positions, including successful company start-ups at home and abroad.

In addition, we have an extensive track record in advising and supporting foreign skilled workers as well as excellent expert knowledge about integration processes and the role of language, education and perspectives in the integration of foreign skilled workers into the German labor market. Together we try to do justice to this socio-politically important field and guarantee highest quality in our service offers.

Our claim

Dealing with all involved parties on the basis of trust and fairness

Our aim is to cover the long-term demand for skilled nursing staff in Germany. In the process, nursing staff and employers, but also those in need of care, shall be provided with optimal service.

The Filipino skilled workers are prepared in the best possible way for reaching the B2 level via German language lessons and receive maximum support. They get insights on the German labor market and are accompanied with every step.

Employers get the opportunity to cover their needs for skilled workers with nursing staff from abroad. The quality of the nursing staff is very high and we already decide during the recruitment process which skilled workers are suitable for the German labor market.

In our matching process, we bring together suitable employers and nurses so that there will be a high degree of alignment both in terms of professionalism and on a personal level. All the aforementioned efforts are appropriate and necessary so that those in need of care can receive a high level of quality in every aspect of the field.

Using the services of TRUECARE GmbH, all parties involved benefit from a high-quality acquisition process, a custom-fit matching process and excellent support.